Burning kJ with housework

    Sweeping or vacuuming

    your floors for 45 minutes burns around 600 kJ. And your floors will be clean. It’s a win/win!

    Getting out in the sunshine

    and raking the leaves for half an hour burns about 500 kJ. Another half hour spent mowing the lawn burns an extra 640 kJ!

    Carrying your groceries

    up the stairs doesn’t just give you killer biceps, it also burns 30 kJ.

    Cleaning the gutters

    might not be at the top of your list of favorite things, but the good news is that an hour will burn 1170 kJ.

    Cleaning the house isn't all bad...

    an hour of elbow grease burns 700 kJ.

    An hour of ironing

    not only means your clothes will look spiffy, you also burn about 530 kJ.

    Give a room in your house a facelift.

    3 hours of painting or plastering burns 2100 kJ. Or you can simply rearrange the furniture for a new look – 15 minutes will set you back 350 kJ.


    After all that hard work its time to sit back and watch some TV for half an hour. You’ll only burn 120 kJ, but you deserve a break!

    *based on a average female
    1.6m height, 60 kg weight, 40 years of age