Staying active in the office

More and more our lifestyles are leading us to spend long hours sitting at a desk or on the couch at home. Physical activity (or lack of) plays a big role in weight management. Here are some tips to get you moving between the hours of 9-5!

The stairs

Ditch the elevator and take the stairs.

Take a break

Set a reminder to go off every hour to remind you to do some activity – get up and stretch, go make a coffee, or take a toilet break.

Conting steps

Wearing a pedometer to count the number of steps you take each day can be a great motivator. Aim for 10,000!

Typing doesn't count!

Typing doesn’t count as exercise! Make the effort to walk to a workmate’s desk instead of emailing them.

Head outdoors

Meetings with your colleagues don’t have to be desk-bound. Try scheduling a standing meeting, or if it’s a nice day head outdoors and have a walking meeting.

Lunch breaks

Don’t fall into the trap of sitting for your entire lunch break. Grab a like-minded colleague and do some walking and talking.

Fitness ball

Replace your chair with a fitness ball. Sitting on a ball forces you to use your core muscles to stay upright. Much better than slouching on a chair!

Leg it

Park further away from the office and leg it!.