Get More 'Me Time' In Your Life

Having it all – career, relationship, family, fitness – can sometimes come at a price. All too often you’re left with no time for your own interests and passions. Ideally, you should take some time every day to do something for yourself. Easier said than done, you say? Here are some tips to help you make it happen.

Recognise that you deserve a break

Don’t feel guilty about taking time out from life’s everyday demands to do something for yourself. After all, if you don’t make yourself a priority, then who will? Still feel guilty?

Remind yourself that it’s not just you who benefits

You will be more responsive to others when you feel less tired and stressed.

Quality not quantity

Don’t fritter away your valuable ‘me’ time by flopping down on the couch and channel surfing aimlessly. Keep a list handy of things you love to do but never seem to get enough time to. Better still, start scheduling these things in your calendar as a reminder to make time for yourself.

Put the kibosh on time-wasters

Are you a serial email checker? Do you spend more time on social networking sites than you do actually talking to your friends? Maybe you make several supermarket trips each week instead of one big one? Re-evaluate the way you do things to free up time for activities you get more out of.

Stop being a ‘yes’ person

If you find that you agree to doing things for others simply to avoid disappointing them, then try saying ‘no’ more often.

Start a daily ritual

Read a chapter of a book, take a walk, or wake up half an hour before everyone else and enjoy a coffee and the sounds of silence. Find what works for you and stick with it.